Career Summary

Influential management executive leveraging to drive growth performance, profitability and expanding intellectual property; results proven, fiscal savvy, and ROI driven with consistent and repeated value-add in infrastructure, startup, complex, developing information intensive organizations. Rare blend of qualifications 10+ years of leadership coupled with strong research capabilities, product development and ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders, executive committee, managers and developers to transform strategy with flexible scalable solutions.

  • Accomplished globally with international experience spanning 11 countries in EMEA and US.
  • Delivered outstanding ROI on strategic investments, with net returns up to $25 million.
  • Managed multiple, simultaneous projects up to $100 million in size, teams of 50+ and budgets of $250 million
  • Developed, managed, and hedged innovative solutions and groundbreaking systems.

Highly knowledgeable in organizational process design and metrics (TQM, M2 and SOX), sourcing strategy development (in- and outsourcing, off- and onshore); negotiating complex contracts. Implemented and developed enterprise transactions and risk management systems (mobile, infrastructure, ERP, CRM and others).

Personal Summary

To remember where I have been and looking where I will go. Maintaining positive relationships. Striving to choose the ethical path by making a commitment to honesty and integrity. Finding peacefulness within myself while using my heart and mind to guide my dreams and desires. Pursuing knowldege, creating balance and creating balance among my obligations. To be content with my surroundings, always knowing security within my personal life. Building a reputation of dedication, while working to achive my goals. Enjoy every moment along the way, hoping to find laughter, love and happiness.