Jean Robert Hale Hunter Deuling

Senior Executive Technology

Focus Infrasture and Growth Organizations


Influential management executive leveraging to drive growth performance, profitability and expanding intellectual property; results proven, fiscal savvy, and ROI driven with consistent and repeated value-add in infrastructure, startup, complex, developing information intensive organizations. Rare blend of qualifications 10+ years of leadership coupled with strong research capabilities, product development and ability to effectively communicate with stakeholders, executive committee, managers and developers to transform strategy with flexible scalable solutions.

  • Accomplished globally with international experience spanning 11 countries in EMEA and US.
  • Delivered outstanding ROI on strategic investments, with net returns up to $25 million.
  • Managed multiple, simultaneous projects up to $100 million in size, teams of 50+ and budgets of $250 million.
  • Developed, managed, and hedged innovative solutions and groundbreaking systems.

Highly knowledgeable in organizational process design and metrics (TQM, M2 and SOX), sourcing strategy development (in- and outsourcing, off- and onshore); negotiating complex contracts. Implemented and developed enterprise transactions and risk management systems (mobile, infrastructure, ERP, CRM and others).

Experience and Accomplishments

RopeMedia N.V. - Vlissingen, NL - 2010-Present - Global Managing Director

RopeMedia, Inc. - Wilmington, DE - 2010-Present - Director of Global Technology

RopeMedia, LLC - Pensacola, FL - 2003-2010 - Senior Partner (Manage Technology)

International IT organization specialized in Startup Infrastructure Projects Executive committee member instrumental in growing the organization 500% over 3 years, as Global Managing Director over the past 18 months my responsibilities have been to manage all M&A activity, including liquidation of several projects to significantly increase ROI. As Director of Global Technology, spearheaded complex development, acquisition, integration, infrastructure projects to build rock-solid products and services. Provided executive oversight to global IT operations (50+ employees, €89 million budget), global HR, and stakeholder management.

  • Built IT Datacenter Infrastructure (50,000 sq. ft., Tier 3 availability) sold in 2012 with a 180% ROI
  • Developed IaaS, PaaS and SaaS project, sold in 2012 with a 800% ROI
  • Prepared plans to upgrade national WiMax network to LTE ($150 Million Budget)
  • Built IT Datacenter Infrastructure (8,000 sq. ft., Tier 2 availability) sold in 2011 with a 380% ROI
  • Developed a national WiMax network sold in 2008 with a 200% ROI
  • Developed SaaS platform, merged in 2005
  • Developed Regional Hotspot Service sold in 2004 with 130% ROI
  • Developed international Hotspot and wireless billing platform, merged in 2003
  • Instrument in the creation of GBIA and working with stakeholders to provide international standards.
  • Worked with our external stakeholders to develop viable innovation strategies and hedge transitions leading to a minimum of 80% increase in organizational effectiveness and significant ROI over 5 years.
  • Coached external entrepreneurs in Knowledge Management leading to a minimum of 62% increase in organizational value.

National Healthcare Resources - New York, NY - 2001-2002 - Network Operations Manager

National Medical Investigation Service, Merged with Concentra in 2002

IT management board member bringing a revolutionary web-based healthcare technology to market in 12 months in a highly regulated industry at less than 1/25 expected cost. Recruited lead network operations and system engineers. Managed a staff of 10, $3 Million Budget.

  • Developed national private grid infrastructure supporting 5+ million daily transactions.
  • Developed and maintained a replicated and federated database supporting over 500 TB of data.
  • Developed and maintained private cloud infrastructure supporting over 10,000 daily users while meeting HIPAA requirements.

Dynamic Transactions, Inc.- Menlo Park, CA - 1999-2001 - Technical Operations Director

A Hummer Winblad company focused on personal payments and event planning.

  • Recruited and managed engineering staff. Managed 5, Budget of $1.5 Million.
  • Developed and Managed in-house development and operational systems as well as organizational Telecommunications.
  • Negotiated and managed outsourcing contracts, including network hosting, bandwidth and call center support 1+ million subscribed users.
  • Developed and managed 3-tier multi-home technology services environment, considered innovative by Red Herring.

Relevant Technologies

Oracle, Microsoft, Open Source, Cisco, Juniper, HP, IBM, Radwin, Alverion, Nokia Siemens, Emerson, APC, VMware, Citrix, Alcatel Lucent.


IEEE, International Leadership Association


University of Southern Mississippi -Hattiesburg, MS

MS - 1997 - Communications

New Technology, Statistics and Predictive Analytics

BS - 1995 - English

Writing, Women Studies, Deconstructive Thought